We start with only 10-year old espadin from one local estate – 3 years older than the industry average.

Our agaves are then roasted in an earthen conical oven for 75 hours in the spring and summer and 96 hours in the fall and winter – 24 hours longer than most mezcals in both cases.

The roasted agaves are then crushed slowly, using a traditional manual stone grinding wheel.

The crushed agave mash is fermented for 6 days in oak barrels – 3 days longer than average – using only natural wild yeasts from nearby citrus and fruit groves, with filtered spring and captured rain water.

The resulting liquid is double-distilled in the same handmade copper pot still used for generations. The second distillation is much finer and slower than the first, taking about 15 hours, compared to 10 hours in the first. The mezcal is distilled to proof under the careful hand of the maestro mezcalero, then hand-bottled and hand-packaged at the source.



+ Maestro: Raul Nolasco Lopez

+ Origin: San Juan Del Rio

+ State: Oaxaca

+ Agave: 100% organic Espadin

+ Age of Agave: 10 years

+ Roasted in earthen conical oven

+ Ground with manual stone mill

+ Fermented in open air oak barrels

+ Filtered spring water and captured rain water

+ Double-distilled in copper pot still

+ Distilled to proof (no water added)

+ 50% ABV / 100 Proof