La Palabra is a rare small batch mezcal, hand-crafted and hand-bottled in San Juan Del Rio, Oaxaca, as it has been for generations.

The tradition of mezcal, the oldest known distilled spirit in North America, dates back over 400 years, originating in the mountainous regions of Mexico.

The category of mezcal covers all spirits produced from the cooked piñas (“hearts” in Spanish) of agave plants, including all tequilas. And while tequila is made only from Blue Weber agave, mezcal can be sourced from all varietals.

Such a wide selection of agave, both wild and cultivated, offers a much wider array of possible flavors. Most importantly, tequila is made by steaming piñas, while mezcal agaves are roasted in earthen pits, imparting a complex, smokey flavor that’s meant to be enjoyed in slow slips, not gulped in one shot.

Of the several mezcal-producing Mexican states, Oaxaca is the capital; it is here where La Palabra has been produced from the beginning.